Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scotswoman Matryoshka

Scotswoman Matryoshka Close-Up Portrait

Scotswoman Matryoshka

Scotswoman Matryoshka Rough Pencil Sketch

Hello friends! I have just completed my Scotswoman Matryoshka. Another redhead! I am a redhead by choice and Scot on my father's side (my maiden name is Stuart). With this Scotswoman Matryoshka I departed from my normal symmetrical style, as I've only done a couple of other times with my Italian Girl and Queen Elizabeth I. Sometimes I like to experiment with a more natural pose. I hope you like her! :)

Here are the two redheads I've drawn so far.

Scotswoman MatryoshkaQueen Elizabeth I Matryoshka

And because I forgot to show you this in my last post, here is my preliminary pencil sketch for my Swiss Girl Matryoshka.

Swiss Girl Matryoshka Rough Pencil Sketch

And another grouping suggestion, my Swiss and Finnish Matryoshkas.


the hmongarian said...

Okay I'm trying to send this again, it gave me an error message last time.

She's lovely! And this is so fitting because I was at a Scottish Festival today! :)

I've got a couple to add to your list.

The Miao of China, picture here:

and I know you have a Hungarian matryoshka, but I would love to see my favorite Hungarian folk costume, found in Kalotaszeg in Transylvania. Picture here:
close up here:

Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you, I'm glad you like her and thank you for the suggestions and links! I have added them to my suggestions list and look forward to drawing them!! :)

Ren said...

I love when you include the pencil concept sketch!

Anonymous said...

Oh just love the wee lassie!

SonatasWelt said...

Scotswoman Matryoshka is great!!! I like the colours very much you've chosen for it.

Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you Sonata! Line has always come easier than color to me so I appreciate your saying that!! :)

Amy Perrotti said...

I am very flattered Ren, thank you! :)

Amy Perrotti said...

He he he. Thank you Julie-Ann, well put! :)

Holly said...

Wow! That fiery red hair is so eye-catching. And I am completely fascinated by the sketches too. How neat to get a peak into your creative process!

Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you Holly! I will try to continue to include the pencil sketches! :)

Ana said...

they look great, that Queen Elizabeth I Matryoshka is very cool.

Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you Ana! :)