Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Matryoshka Coloring Sheet PDFs

Armenian Girl Matryoshka Coloring Sheet PDF
Queen Elizabeth I - English Matryoshka Coloring Sheet PDF
German Bavarian Matryoshka Coloring Sheet PDF
Italian Girl Matryoshka Coloring Sheet PDF
Scotswoman Matryoshka Coloring Sheet PDF

Hello friends. While nursing a cold and feeling sluggish I have found it difficult to pursue the normal long hours drawing at my computer. Since laying on the couch has been more my speed, I decided to work on something that turned out to be quite therapeutic while convalescing. I took my lap size light box, my original Matyoshka pencil sketch drawings and some good ink pens and set to work creating these Matryoshka coloring sheets! I am offering them in my "DIY PDF Printable Crafts" shop section. I hope they are as enjoyable to color as they were to draw. Thank you for all your kind support of my pencil sketches without which these never would have come to be. :)


nadine said...

Sorry to hear you are still feeling yukky :-(
These seem a good way to pass the time!

Amy Perrotti said...

Thanks Nadine! :)