Thursday, March 31, 2011

Akha Girl Matryoshka

Akha Girl of Thailand Close-Up Portrait

Akha Girl of Thailand

I have just completed my Akha Girl Matryoshka illustration! While working from my suggestions list I came to Thai and in my research came across this beautiful and interesting people. The Akha people live in various regions of Asia but in my research for this illustration I focused on the Akha people living in Thailand where they are referred to as hill tribe people. So this is the first of my Thai Matryoshka illustrations, she is all silver adornments (and colorful beads) and my next traditional Thai Matryoshka will be all gold adornments. Please keep the great suggestions coming! :)

Below is my grouping suggestion for this illustration.

Hmong Girl Matryoshka, Akha Girl Matryoshka, Tibetan Girl Matryoshka


red road studio said...

These are lovely! Great find - love the blog. Can i suggest Scotland next? LOL!

Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you red road design! In fact Scottish is on my suggestions list. There are only 3 ahead of it. Please stay tuned. :)