Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Matryoshka Magnets

Classic Matryoshka Magnet Set

Did you know I offer magnets as well as prints of my Matryoshka? I do. In fact a customer contacted me with a great magnet suggestion this week. She asked if I could create a magnet set of my Russian Doll Classic Matryoshka Family illustration. I'm so excited about how it turned out (above image)! When I packaged them up together in a cello sleeve, stacked with the largest one in the back and the smallest in the front, they looked so pretty, such a garden of colors! I need to photo the next batch I package, and post it to show you.

International Matryoshka Magnets
I can't believe how many international Matryoshka illustrations I have drawn in a little over a year. I have 31 now and I'm working on my next, a Norwegian Matryoshka. I never could have drawn so many without all your helpful suggestions. Thank you!! The image above shows them all, and a link to all the magnets. If you are looking for a specific nationality or ethnicity that is not currently available in my shop please contact me and I will add it to my list of suggestions. You can leave a comment here or send me a conversation on my shop. Thanks again! :)


Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

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Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you. :)

Mina said...

I love your matryoshkas! They are so detailed and beautiful. You are very talented! How about Maori (from New Zealand), Moroccan, and (ancient) Egyptian matryoshkas?

Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you Mina! Those are all great suggestions and I've added them to my list of suggestions. :)