Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New- Hmong and Pink Hanfu Chinese Close-Up Matryoshka Portraits!

Hmong and Pink Hanfu Chinese Close-Up Matryoshka Portraits
Hi! I hope you are having a good week. I've been in major nesting mode this week. Clearing things out and sprucing up. I think because I'm gearing up for the holiday season both personally in my home and professionally with my shop.

I just listed two close-up portraits, Hmong Girl and Pink Hanfu Chinese Girl. I'm really enjoying these close-up portrait versions of my matryoshka. I adore their sweet faces. I can't help it, they are like my children. I hope you like! :)


nadine said...

I really like these close-ups you are offering.
(The one on the right looks rather familiar... :-)
Hope you are having fun in your pre-holiday prep.

Holly said...

The close-up prints are so neat! I'm really able to get a better appreciation of all the detail you put into these.

Also, I was wanting to comment on one of your recent fabric posts but was having issues with my browser not wanting to open up the comment box. I just wanted to say that your fabric prints would make lovely skirts! I can just imagine a soft, flowy skirt with your beautiful patterns. ..

Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you Nadine! Yes, no wonder I adore her so much. I'm being productive so that is a happy thing. :)

Thank you Holly! Yes, I agree you need a skirt made from my fabric designs. You would make a beautiful model! :)