Sunday, August 6, 2017

Nicaraguan Matryoshka

Nicaraguan Matryoshka
Hello! Since my last post, I have completed a Nicaraguan Matryoshka. Prints and a coloring sheet are now available (and other products as well). This is the fourth Central American culture I've drawn. I pinned a board of Nicaraguan images I found around the web here.

Russian Doll & Snowman, A Snow Globe Love Story, Coloring & Activity Book Printable

I also have a new coloring and activity book printable PDF,  "Russian Doll & Snowman, A Snow Globe Love Story"! I have offered this coloring/activity book in the past but now I'm making the file itself available. So you can print as many as you'd like for a one time price. It includes 4 coloring pages, a maze, a "draw your own snow globe scene", and 2 tent card dolls to make. Also a full color cover and a table of contents.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fun Activities and Projects

Indian Mother and Baby, Purple and Pink, Doll Pillow
Hello! I've been busy creating all kinds of stuff! First off, are Cut and Sew fabric projects in my Spoonflower shop— Doll Pillows!!! Two Indian Mother and Baby, doll pillow, cut and sew fabrics! Above is the doll pillow I made for my daughter, the purple and pink, and below is the red and blue. They are from my Indian Mothers and Daughters drawing that I sell as prints.
Indian Mother and Baby, Red and blue, Doll Pillow

Little Red Riding Hood Coloring Book Printable File
Also new, is my Little Red Riding Hood Coloring Book Printable file. It comes with twelve coloring pages, and a full color front and back cover. Keep the sheets loose, or staple them together with the covers to make a coloring book. There are scenes of Little Red Riding Hood and her forest friends throughout the year, the wolf dressed as Grandma, a skunk, valentines, an Easter egg, autumn leaves, gingerbread men, and snowflakes. The great thing about purchasing a printable file is you can print as many as you want, as often as you want, for just one price. They are fun and convenient for party favors or group activities. If you are, or know an adult who is, fond of coloring it's fun for adults too! If you don't already know, or haven't guessed, the Little Red Riding Hood is inspired by my daughter Tasha.
Top half of my Marshallese Matryoshka coloring sheet.
I've also improved my coloring sheet files with thinner black lines to allow for maximum coloring and greater detail. When I first designed my coloring sheets I was thinking in terms of kids coloring with crayons, and classic thick black lined coloring sheets. More and more adults are purchasing my coloring sheets for themselves and coloring with colored pencils. So I've gone through all my cultural coloring sheets and made the improvements. You can see an example above.

In other news: 
I am now on Instagram! So hopefully (along with my other many locations) wherever you are on the web you can conveniently find me, follow me, and keep up with my work.

Lastly, I've updated all the cultures in my zazzle shop to now offer phone cases. 
See! I told you I've been busy. :)


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Three Colombian Matryoshka

Colombian Folk Dancer Matryoshka

Colombian Misak or Guambiana

Colombian Palenquera of Cartagena

The only way to describe my experience researching Colombia is— So many cultures! So little time! There are so many beautiful cultures, I was absolutely overwhelmed with possibilities. I decided to narrow it down to three to start with, because I could not choose just one!

The "folk dancer" inspired Colombian is wearing the national colors of the flag: yellow, blue, and red. With a ruffled full skirt, perfect for twirling, and pretty flowers in her hair.

The Misak or Guambiana Colombian is a little girl from one of the many indigenous peoples of Colombia. I am fascinated by the different mountain people of the world and feel the kinship in their cultural ways of life.

The Palenquera of Cartagena Colombia represents the women who sell fruit and are known for their multicolored clothing, and posing with bowls of fruit carried on their heads. They are an African Diaspora culture of Colombia.

So you see why I could not draw just one. And with that, I salute the rich cultural diversity of Colombia!  


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Saudi Matryoshka and New Favor Boxes

Saudi Arabian Matryoshka
Aah, March! Daffodil, camellia, and forsythia are blooming in our yard. Very inspiring, so I've been drawing and today I bring you my latest creation, a Saudi Arabian Matryoshka! She is now available in my Etsy shop, my new dot com and soon in my Zazzle shop (it takes a couple of days for new items to show up there).
Flowerpot Favor Box
I've also designed some new favor boxes. An anthropomorphic flower in a flowerpot DIY printable that comes in five happy colors.
Basketball Favor Box
A basketball hoop favor box, fun for a basketball or sports themed party or as a gift box for your favorite basketball fan.
Strawberry Favor Boxes
And last but not least, sweet strawberry favor boxes to fill with candies or other treats for a birthday party, shower or wedding.

So, I hope you are feeling inspired to create a themed party! Please send me photos from your event!! I also love to receive photos of my Matryoshka prints, framed and in arrangements. Please let me know if I have your permission to share any photos you send me. Thank you! :)


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Matryoshka Makeovers

Pakistani Matryoshka

Spring is coming! Time to spruce up! It's time for Matryoshka makeovers. First off, my Pakistani Matryoshka has had a bit of a wardrobe change and is feeling beautiful!

Some of my other Matryoshka felt like it was time for a change too. My Irish Dancer now comes with black or light brown hair. My Serbian and Latvian now have brown or blond hair to choose from. My Scotswoman has had a day at the spa and her complexion is just glowing. My Portuguese has gone back to her darker natural hair color and brightened up her wardrobe with a new blue apron. My Laotian now has red and pink themed clothing to choose from. And last but not least, my Taiwanese Bride decided she is really a Chinese Bride at heart.

I would like to thank my cousin Robin and her daughter Meredith, my friend Tracy and all my art collectors for your suggestions, help and input.